He will know the third airport intravenously

The third airport will be recognized by the vein: Proline will provide the security of Istanbul New Airport. Entrance and exits at the airport will be taken under biometric control, face recognition and vessel tracking technologies will be used.

Turkish technology company Proline will provide the security of Istanbul New Airport. Under the agreement, Proline will use next-generation technologies, including intelligent fence, radar, biometric systems and thermal cameras in airport security. The installed system will be supported by fixed video cameras and intelligent video analysis systems.

In addition, a secure infrastructure will be created with high-tech solutions for runways, aprons, terminals and car parks. In the structure where the inputs and outputs will be controlled biometrically, face recognition and vein tracking technologies will be used. The activities will be monitored through command control centers, and rapid decision-making will be provided by early warning systems.

Proline; Istanbul New Airport will be the largest airport in the world when it is completed. It will establish an integrated security system by using environmental system security, video system security and access control system security solutions.

It will be one of the most reliable areas

Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of IGA Airports Construction, said that all operations at the airport will continue uninterruptedly, in cooperation with Proline. Pr This will be one of the most reliable areas in the world İ. Proline Chief Executive Officer Mehmet Doğanyiğit stated that with intelligent security systems, potential errors will be minimized.


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