A first Uçakbüs Expeditions Begins in Turkey

A First Start Uçakbüs Expeditions in Turkey: Turkey's first and only company uçakbüs opened. Vivalines, which changed all the rules of traveling by road, started its flights today.

travel agents with all the servants of the highway in Turkey and changing with the understanding Vivalines. non-highway service model in the world and Turkey is preparing to serve Vivalines between Istanbul and Ankara. Based on the international VIP air travel service concept and taking it further, Vivalines will make itself known with its firsts and service concept with road travel.

Bus like airplane

Seat capacity is reduced to 46 from 31 on regular buses. And 31 pieces are placed in exclusive design luxury seats. Vivalines buses with toilets and service kitchens will stop anywhere between Istanbul and Ankara with 4 min. During the journey, there will be hot food and a special tablet computer for every passenger.

He takes his passengers from their homes with special vehicles!

Aiming to put an end to the stress of the airport and the fear of airplanes, Vivalines takes its passengers with private vehicles from their homes and hosts them in the VIP Lounge designed exclusively for passengers. Carrying passengers' safety very seriously, Vivalines passes the suitcases of the passengers coming to their departure points through X-Ray devices and enables each passenger to board the bus with a specially prepared boarding pass.

We came to change the rules and understanding!

indicating that the presence of such a highway with travel app in the world and Turkey Vivalines Chairman Bulent Silk his words continued: "We put the travel agent's pleased with the change and highway establishes and in this way to've had the pleasure. The travel model we put forward will be a model unique to us and our country. One of the biggest advantages of the airline is fast transportation. But there are also many disadvantages and stresses. Hours like to go to the airport ahead of time and fear the plane. We will put an end to these disadvantages and stress.

Turkish people are people who love to travel and explore. However, unfortunately it is not possible on the road with comfortable, pleasant and safe service. Vivalines to meet all expectations and will offer a service that will exceed the expectations of everyone, "added that he believes will bring a lot of noise model they arose put Vivalines Chairman Bulent Silk Turkey is no longer in his words that there is a travel company that mankind pride and pleasure travelers will.

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