Turkey Wagon Industry 1 will make the permanent recruitment

Turkey Wagon Industry 1 permanent workers will receive: Turkey wagon Industries Inc. 1 covered by the Directorate General of permanent recruitment references were taken by Turkey Business Council.

State Personnel Department (DPB) in the announcement issued by Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation 1 number of permanent recruitment will be made to run in the General Directorate said. Applications will be taken by Turkey Business Council.

Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation General Directorate of secondary school graduates machine technology technician intake was stated to be made. The provisions of the following regulations shall apply for the purchase of permanent employees who are injured as a former convicted person or who are injured in the fight against terrorism.

Public institutions and organizations in the fight against terrorism or disabled ex-convicts will not regarded as workers injured in taking those principles and procedures to be applied for under the provisions of the regulations by Turkey Employment Agency (TEO) can be done.

Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation Headquarters of candidates bearing the technician reception conditions specified by the up to date 16 February 2017 the Sakarya Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Directorate or Turkey Business Association (TEO) has indicated that they can apply to requests located on the web page. To make an application CLICK HERE. CLICK HERE for Ad.

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