Railroad route discussions in Trabzon ended

In Trabzon, railroad route discussions ended: Ortahisar City Council President Dündar Ayyıldız responded to the President of Giresun Provincial Assembly Mürşit Gürel who said that the railway should be connected to Giresun via Tirebolu.

The statements of Mayor Dündar Ayyıldız are as follows: Conquered by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, ruled by Yavuz Sultan Selim, the city where Suleiman the Magnificent was born and known as the 'city of princes', Trabzon city, which has a history of 4 thousand years, has been the capital of the region. has been in position. Trabzon, an important port city on the Silk Road route, has become the trade center of the region.

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President of Giresun Provincial Assembly Mr. Mürşit Gürel ignores the importance of Trabzon in the region and ignoring the past of the trade and the explanations that the railway will be connected to Giresun by bypassing Trabzon over Erzincan.

Remind Your Prime Minister's Words
Our Prime Minister, Mr. Binali Yıldırım, in his speech in Trabzon in November 2016, said, “The railway was Atatürk's testament. We will fulfill that will. He determined the railway route by using the phrase "We will build the Trabzon - Erzincan railway until 2023" and the investment is clear. kazanis gone. We would like to remind Mr. Gürel of these words of our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, who has made huge investments during his tenure as the Minister of Transport and was the pioneer of investments when he was the Prime Minister.

The region will rise as a whole
Of course, for the development of the Eastern Black Sea region as a whole, it is important to build a railway for all neighboring provinces such as Giresun. However, the railway connecting the East and Southeast Anatolia region to the Black Sea and waterways should first follow Trabzon route to Batumi and then east to Batumi and Western connection to Giresun via Samsun. The region, which we have been waiting for for years and which we see as a late investment, will lift the region.

Must be in Trabzon
This does not mean that we are against the construction of a railway to Giresun. It is obvious that the transportation link between the east and southeast Anatolia and the Black Sea train should be based in Trabzon in order to develop the commercial relations with the Middle East, Iran, Russia and the Caucasus. İl

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