Road Surgeons, Touring Compensation and Travel Allowances can be received at the same time

Road Survivors, Tour Compensation and Per diem Can Be Taken at the Same Time: YOLDER members' financial and social rights for the legal struggle continues to come in good news. While the cases brought under the guidance of YOLDER Legal Counsel regarding touring compensation are concluded in favor of our members one by one, an important decision that paves the way for road surveyors to take their touring allowances and per diems together is İzmir 6. He left the Administrative Court.

Uğur Döngül, who works as a Road Surveillance in the 3rd Regional Directorate of TCDD, continued the legal struggle he started under the guidance of YOLDER Attorney Mehmet Ektaş. kazanwas. İzmir 6th Administrative Court found Döngül unfairly by writing tour compensation and per diem at the same time. kazanHe was justified in the lawsuit he filed with the request for the refund of the amount deducted from his salary by the Administration and the cancellation of the transaction, on the grounds that he had obtained the right.

In the decision that will set an example for YOLDER's Road Surveillance members, temporary duty allowance will be paid in accordance with the provisions of Law No. kazanStating that the touring indemnity is paid, it is stated that "Temporary duty allowance is a payment arising from the Law No. 6245 and made due to the execution of a duty in another location temporarily, while touring compensation, which is a service indemnity in return for per diem, is a payment realized due to the characteristics of the duty due to the duty performed". place was given.

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