Tiny Akif Hamza Sits Into The Mechanic's Seat

Little Akif Hamza, sat in the Mechanic Seat: The dream of a child who loves metros very much and want to use the train of the age of cerebral palsy 4 infantile Metro Istanbul, was carried out by.

Akif Hamza Aydın, an 4-age cerebral palsy patient who loves metros very much and wants to use the train, realized his dream.

According to the statement made by Metro Istanbul, Emine Aydın applied to Metro Istanbul and stated that her son Akif Hamza, who has cerebral palsy, loves the subways and wants to use the train. Aydın asked the authorities for help in this regard.

Aydın's request was welcomed by Metro Istanbul officials. Akif Hamza got on the train from Kozyatağı Station. Akif Hamza, who used the train on the M4 line, later left the line with his family.

Akif Hamza, who loves public transportation, is planned to be invited to future events.

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