The foundation of Beşyol Junction was laid with ceremony

The foundation of Beşyol intersection was laid with the ceremony: The foundation of the five-way Beşyol Junction, built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, will connect Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı and Hüdavendigar Boulevard, which have a total of 210 million TL, with the expropriation and road production. Mayor Recep Altepe said that for the two new boulevards, the building was destroyed on the 25, 500 million for the expropriations, 150 million for the road productions and the Beşyol Junction with the expropriation and production cost to 60 million TL.

In line with the goal of knitting Bursa with iron nets, the City Square - Terminal T9.4 rail system line with a total length of 11 kilometers was under construction. The foundation of Beşyol Junction, which is planned to be made to Beşyol, which is the intersection point of Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı and İstanbul Caddesi, will cost approximately TL 2 million with its expropriation and production. After the completion of the Beşyol Junction, Çelebi Mehmet Boulevard will be connected to Yunuseli from the viaduct to be built from the Pasha Farm and from here to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard and Mudanya. Therefore, citizens who want to go from Yildirim to Mudanya will be able to reach the desired point easily without entering the city traffic. The most important knot point of the urban transportation Beşyol Junction ceremony, the Mayor of the Mayor Recep Altepe as well as Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar, Mayor of Gürsu Mustafa Işık, Mayor of Büyükorhan Hasan Taş, AK Party Provincial Chairman Cemalettin Torun large number of guests attended.

500 building was destroyed for two boulevards
Mayor Recep Altepe said that they invest more than 3 in 2 for investment projects in order to produce fundamental solutions to the transportation problem in Bursa. In the direction of these projects, Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı and then Hüdavendigar Boulevard to bring the city to 500'ın over the beer was demolished and reminding the President Altepe, to make the road so that the building is not another municipality underlining stressed. In order to open these two boulevards, President Altepe stated that 150 million TL was spent on expropriations and 60 million TL was spent on road manufacturing. The intersection will cost 210 million TL with its expropriation and manufacturing. In other words, we will have invested a total of 25 million TL for transportation in this region. Our region, Bursa good will be, hayır he said.

Yıldırım connects to Mudanya
Altyol Junction will not only connect the two sides of the district of Osmangazi, but the foundation Altepe, Hüdavendigar Bulvarı'nın Lightning stage, said the work was completed. President Altepe stated that Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı would be connected to Yunuseli by the viaduct to be built from Pasha Farm in Sırameşeler. There will be a connection to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard and next work to Mudanya. So Lightning and Mudanya will be connected to each other. Yildirim, the citizens of the road without entering the city traffic in this alternative way to reach Mudanya''he said.

Reminding that the Hüdavendigar Boulevard will be one of the most prestigious districts of Bursa, President Altepe added that the new buildings will be retracted into the 10 meters.

Our priority transportation
Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar stated that transportation is one of the most important service areas and he also emphasized that the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality on the one hand and the central traffic of the Metropolitan Municipality have been continuing. Dündar pointed out that it is difficult to produce such services in the city center where the density of structuring is high, tür You can see this difficulty in the best way here. Right and left of the road was full of buildings, and now we see two boulevards opened by the Metropolitan Municipality. We also deal with our citizens in such a way that they do not disrupt social peace, we demolish buildings and bring such services to ourselves. We, as Osmangazi Municipality, have spent 75 million TL for road expropriations so far. We opened the 75 dead end and made a reconstruction road of 66 thousand meters. While providing such services, the region tradesmen and citizens are experiencing some difficulties. We want a little more patience from them and we are waiting for the teams to help the work to be completed in a short time, Onl he said.
Speaking on behalf of the inhabitants of the region, Altinova Mahallesi Mehmet Karaoglu also thanked Mayor Altepe for his work on the boulevard and crossroads.

After the speeches, President Altepe and the protocol members, pushed the button to connect the two rock of Istanbul Street pushed the foundation of the junction.

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