Yunuseli Airport officially opened in Bursa

Yunuseli Airport was officially opened in Bursa: Yunuseli Airport, which was closed in 2001 following the opening of Yenişehir Airport, was reopened by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality after a full 16 years. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that nearly 60 aircraft owners have already applied to benefit from Yunuseli Airport and said that Yunuseli Airport, where more than 100 aircraft will land and take off next year, will make a great contribution to the city's economy. Former Minister of Interior and Bursa Deputy Efkan Ala stated that they were working together to reopen the airport, which is the project of the Metropolitan Municipality, and said, “Because we cannot cause a disruption in service to Bursa. Bursa, Turkey disruption disruption means to say, "he said.

With the aim of Bursa to be a prominent city in the aviation sector, the establishment of an aeronautical and space division within the Science Technology Center, the opening of a department related to aviation in the university, and the production of domestic aircraft, metropolitan municipality. came to a conclusion in his work. Despite the fact that the protocols signed in previous years were suspended due to various reasons for the opening of the air transportation of Yunuseli Airport, the Metropolitan Municipality, after the approval of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, completed the infrastructure services in the field in a short time. traffic. Now will host the flights between Gemlik and the Golden Horn Yunuseli Airport, the former Minister of Interior and Bursa deputy Efkan Ala, Bursa Governor Izzettin Kucuk, Bursa deputies Bennur Karaburun and Ismail Aydin, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar, Uludag University Rector Prof.Dr. Yusuf Ulcay, AK Party Provincial Chairman Cemalettin Torun and a large number of guests attended the ceremony was opened for flights again.

Priority transportation investments
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, lived a historic day, the expectation of years to reopen the Yunuseli Airport, said they live in pride. Altepe, who thanked the ministers, deputies and bureaucrats who supported the opening of the airport, stated that they are working intensively in all areas in order to improve the speed in all sectors of agriculture from tourism to agriculture. noted. They only have to open a boulevard close to expropriate the building 70, it can make another municipality that Altepe President underlined that in Turkey, "In our time only 500 bridges and intersections were made. Tram and metro lines were built, continue to be done. We went on the bidding in the projects of downloading the cable car into the city. We use land, air and sea for transportation as metropolitan. Büyük

Be the center of aviation
Bursa's local liaison with neighboring provinces next to transportation is also important record Altepe President reminded that Turkey's economy percent of 40 with Istanbulite connection initiated to further strengthen BUDO time of year 1,5 million people moved. Expressing the importance of air transportation to get closer to Istanbul and Bursa, President Altepe said, için Our planes were flying from the sea to the sea. We had landed planes, but we had no land on land. We have this opportunity now. Every plane can land on the 1400 meter long runway. Halic flights will be made from here. It's not just the Golden Horn, 3. There will also be a connection to the airport. There will also be an international terminal. Tickets to international flights will be cut here. From there, the international flight from Istanbul can be continued. Yunuseli Airport is not competing anywhere. It will support Bursa aviation and add power to Yenisehir Airport. Here 1 will be far away from 100 in the year. Already 60 aircraft applied to use here. There will be pilot trainings, all kinds of aviation activities, maintenance of the devices of the vehicles. In short, this will be the center of aviation in Bursa, Kıs he said.

"Bursa disruption, say Turkey's limping"
Former Interior Minister and emphasized the importance for Bursa deputy Ejkar Ala in Bursa Turkey, Bursa province in Turkey, and many show respect among the first 5 xnumx'ünc noted that in terms of most indicators. Underlining that Bursa has more value than many other countries in the world in terms of trade volume, Ala said altın In other words, Bursa's foreign trade volume is higher than that of many UN member countries. Serving such a city is a great honor and a great responsibility. This facility, which we opened, has emerged as a result of such a sense of responsibility. I would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for providing such a service to our beautiful Bursa, hardworking and productive people. This is his project. We have stated that the introduction of the airport in this way would make serious contributions, we prepared the infrastructure and realized it in cooperation. We cannot give a break to service in Bursa. Because of the disruption of means of Bursa, Turkey's hitch. Turkey to evolve rapidly. What will it develop? Bursa, Adana, Diyarbakir will develop with, he said.

Opening a political airport
Turkey's target 2023, 2071 the vision to establish a fast, to be able to work more quickly, the only obstacle to developing Al stating that they do physical airports, said:
Uz We are now bringing you the political airport project in front of you; The new constitutional amendment. The new constitutional amendment means making a political airport. By road, we are accelerating by rail, we have made them, we have reached a certain distance. But not enough. We have more than a million inhabitants of 80. We have a heart of geography, the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Middle East, we should serve for those waiting for service in any corner of the world. We have to remove the unnecessary obstacles to the service of politics. We are introducing a new constitutional amendment proposing a system change. You can go by car, by bus, by car, but also by air. The airline is short and easy. We will bring you the change that gives us the opportunity to serve faster. I hope our nation is ready for approval. After giving this approval, that is, 'yes' after you say, of course, all kinds of decisions over our heads. But our nation always stood behind the projects that opened the way. He wanted a quicker distance. We're really doing a political airport, we'll bring you the change I can say. More details will be explained. If you say summarize with a sentence with a single word, this constitutional amendment will be the name of doing the service faster. Because we need it. Because we have to close the distance between us and developed countries. They have to behave quickly so we have to do the import export. Every job we do is a desire to offer more services to our nation in less time. Yap

Cities competing
Bursa Governor Izzettin Kucuk, recalling that there is a competition between the cities as well as competition between countries, said that now the cities of the world are competing with each other. For a city to be really strong, the relationship with other cities, regions and countries should be high in every sense, says Küçük. It is important that there is a wide variety of means of transport. This airport is an important step towards becoming a world city. An airport in the middle of the city. I served in many cities and there is no such possibility. One of the most important complaints is that the airports are 30-40-50 minutes away from the city. An airport in the middle of the city is exciting. Very valuable, valuable service. I would like to thank our President heartily for opening this service to the service very soon after the approval. Onay

Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar opened the service Yunuseli Airport will also be a training center and will contribute to the development of Yenisehir Airport said, thanked those who contributed.
After the opening ceremony, President Altepe and the protocol members, after years of taking the first airplane taking off from Yunuseli Airport took a city tour of the air.



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