TCDD continues its investments

Investments continues TCDD: Republic of Turkey State Railways Kontrolür Association President Mehmet Kara, TCDD Deputy retired Regional Director grandfather Baykan, TCDD Retirement Service Manager Adam They also visited the Sun Konya Sovereignty Newspaper.

Mevlana primarily, including historical and tourist places to visit Konya, indicating that they like very much Mehmet Kara, Konya's tranquility city, he said. . State railways are improving day by day. We are improving the quality of service and better service to the citizen and we are trying to act with this in mind. By increasing the number of flights, we are trying to make the citizens travel faster, more comfortably and without searching for tickets. Se Stressing that continued investment TCDD Deputy Regional Director grandfather retired Baykan, "Konya biggest chance to be the first time Turkey's high-speed train from the provinces. Most of the current flights continue to serve in Konya with siemens sets. Also fast train to Pendik Halkalı The work continues at full speed. With the opening of this road, Konyalı will be more comfortable. Bu

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