Rail Systems Workshop in TCDD and KBU Partnership

Rail Systems Workshop in TCDD and KBU Partnership: The t Rail Systems Human Resources Workshop Karab organized jointly by TCDD and Karabük University was held.

In the Tower Restaurant Behiç Erkin Hall, held on 10 February 2017; General Directorate of Railways Regulation, General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydın and Karabük University Rector Refik Polat, as well as TCDD officials, Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education, TCDD Transportation Inc., TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ, YÖK Representative, urban rail system operators, ARUS, sector representatives, universities and non-governmental organizations participated.

TCDD General Manager at the opening of the workshop İsa Apaydınsaid that the workshop was organized to exchange ideas on the education, employment, current problems and future of human resources of the rail sector.

Apaydın mentioned that the railway sector, which has been neglected for a long time for more than half a century, has been considered as a state policy and lived in a golden age in the last 14 year, and that 60 billion TL has been invested in railways in this period.

Apaydın, Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Konya-Istanbul by opening the lines of YHT service, providing citizens with the opportunity to travel quickly and comfortably, Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train projects with Bilecik-Bursa, Konya-Karaman-Ulukisla and the construction of high-speed train lines between Adana and Mersin.

”Target 2023 to have 25.000 km railway”

Apaydın emphasized that the total length of high-speed, fast and conventional railway lines built at the moment is 3.713 km. Our trains have accelerated, our people have been traveling quickly and comfortably. We have successfully overcome national signaling and national locomotive projects. We're working day and night to lower our National Train to the tracks. We are setting up logistics centers that will bring water to the economy. We put 100 in service. We're making 150 pieces more. In addition to the road full of success we have achieved in a short time; 7 said we aim to have 13 km railway in 3.500, by constructing high speed, 8.500 km high speed, and 1.000 km conventional railway.

Apaydin, TCDD to establish a railway operation within the scope of the liberalization period by establishing the TCDD Transporting Inc. said that by opening the sector with the liberalization of the railway sector and the employment of operators and workers will increase.

”The sector always needs the intermediate staff“

Apaydın stated that the sector is always in need of qualified intermediate staff trained and certified in vocational high schools and vocational high schools in accordance with the professional qualifications in railway systems construction, maintenance, electrical-electronics and machinery departments.

Mühendis In 2002, the ratio of our engineer employees with 1 to 10 increased to 19. And this rate will increase even more. Construction, machinery, electrical-electronics, map, geology, industry, metallurgy and material engineers, as well as well-educated rail systems engineering graduates will believe that the rail of the dynamite will constitute the dynamic. In order to train qualified personnel for railways, we support our schools providing training in the field of rail systems and employ their graduates. In this context, we supported the opening of Rail Systems Technology Field in Anatolian Vocational High Schools. Today, 10 vocational high school and 2011 college provide train training. Karabük University took an important step in 5 and started the Rail Systems Engineering Program as a continuation of the train system training in high schools and high schools. In these schools; 5 today's students over a thousand, the future trainers grow. I would also like to state that we offer railway vocational training services to all of our stakeholders and send 68 students for postgraduate study abroad in the last 55 year. 2007 of these students started to work at our institution as a high engineer today, as TCDD; we provide the necessary specialist and hardware support to schools in the field of rail systems, and organize vocational training programs for technical teachers and lecturers in schools. We provide internship opportunities and prioritize their employment. From the 1.244 up to the present, we have recruited our young XNUMX rail systems graduate and added it to our railway family. X

Apaydın, with a project launched in 2009; Train Engineer, Train Agent, Conductor, Station Traffic Operator, Ray Ark Welder, Traffic Controller, Rail Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair, including the total 18 rail systems and standards of proficiency prepared by specifying the profession for the first time in the 160 annual history of universal recognition of railway professions they noted.

Apaydın stated that all institutions and organizations in the rail systems sector, especially urban rail systems, should provide employment by supporting the education of young people.

Stating that they are working in cooperation with many institutions in order to increase the quality of railway trainings, Apaydın said, alan I believe that the schools which serve in the field of rail systems education of our country and the works which will be carried out by all institutions and organizations that participate in this sector together will shed light on the development of our country's railways. Ray

”Rail Systems Engineering Department is the only one in Karabük“

Karabuk University Rector Refik Polat said that they were happy to meet with representatives of the sector thanks to the workshop.

Referring to the fact that the Rail Systems Engineering Department is only at Karabük University, Polat said: ün We applied to some universities for the opening of Rail Systems Engineering, but we wanted to see if YÖK should be opened. We don't want this part anywhere. Our students are in cooperation with everyone in the railway sector for their education and development, which leads to efficient and beautiful results. Öğ

After the speeches, İhtiy Rail Systems and Sectoral Expectations “,“ Current Status and Future of Rail Systems Kurum, ”Secondary Education Institutions in Rail Systems Gel, Ön Personnel Certification in Rail Systems Sector alar and el Qualified Manpower Needs in Rail Systems alar Presentations It was performed.

The workshop ended with the participants' roundtable meetings.


Combining the physical facilities, instructors, technical personnel and experiences of Karabük University and TCDD; TCDD, its subsidiaries and affiliates and to provide training in associate, undergraduate and graduate level, to open vocational courses and courses, to provide scientific and technological R & D studies to meet the qualified personnel needs of the private sector in the rail systems sector.

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