TCDD 15 will recruit workers

TCDD 15 will recruit workers: TCDD General Directorate, State Personnel Presidency announced on the official website and announced that it will purchase workers through Iskur.

The applications for the oral exams to be held in 22 March will be made at 13-14 March 2017 by the General Directorate of TCDD. With Turkey Business Council's website in February 14 2017 as the details regarding the recruitment will be published in the following way.

4857 15 4 units to be operated in different entities to be recruited by the State Personnel Presidency of the units to be recruited workers. The trial period of disabled workers started to work was announced as XNUMX months.

All details about the disabled and other offers:

Bilecik 123 Road Maintenance Repair Chief of the 1 disabled workers, Manisa 361 Road Maintenance Repair Chief of the railway line maintenance repairer 1 disabled workers, Tatvan 551 Road Maintenance Repair Chief of the railway line maintenance repairer 1 disabled workers, including the 3 disabled workers will be recruited.

Xinjiang 215 Signalization and Telecommunication signaling maintenance system signaling maintenance repairer 1 ex-convict, Ankara 219-1 Electrification Supervisor high voltage systemist 1 for ex-convicts, Ray Welding and Road Machinery Repair Factory electrician 1 ex-convicts, Balikesir 366 Signalization and Telecommunication Chiefs signaling of rail systems 1 ex-convicts, maintenance repairer 434 Road Maintenance Repair Chief of the Erzincan 1 ex-convicts, Erzincan 441 Road Maintenance Repair Chief of the railway line maintenance repairer 1 ex-convicts.

Horasan 452 Road Maintenance Repair Chief of service 1 ex-convicts 1 ex-convict repairer of railway line maintenance repairer 117, former 1 signaling and telecommunication conductor of Izmit 112 signaling maintenance repairer 1 ex-convicts, Hereke 121 Road Maintenance Repair Chief of the railway line maintenance repairer 1 ex-convict, Alifuatpaşa 1 Road 12 ex-convicts of the railway line maintenance repairer, Vangölü Ferry Manager will be taken the XNUMX ex-convict purchase of the wrecker (vessel) ex-convict XNUMX.

Requested maintenance and repair of rail systems, high voltage system, demand for electrician (general) work force are as follows:
Vocational High School: winding, technical services of office machines, electrical installations and dashboard monitors, technical services of electrical appliances, electromechanical carriers, maintenance and repair, industrial maintenance, image and sound systems, security systems, communication systems, high voltage systems, electrical, winding, electrical - electronic, automatic control, electrical department, electrical installation, electromechanical carriers, elevator section, industrial electronics, electronics, radio, monitor, telecommunication and electrical electronic technology as announced.

The desired school departments for the railway line maintenance repairer work force:
Vocational high School; wooden building systems, reinforced concrete building systems, concrete-cement and ground technology, facade systems and pvc joinery, roof systems, steel structure technical drafts, interior technical drafts, architectural drafts, architectural drafts, restoration, static drafts, building interior decoration , building insulation, building surface coating, building painting, technical drawing, construction technology, wooden structure building superstructure, construction, construction-superstructure, superstructure, masonry building masonry building construction, building, construction, masonry building wood building infrastructure, substructure sections.

The details of the procurement notice are as follows:


  • Railway Line Maintenance Repairer

Former Convict:

  • Rail Systems Signaling Maintenance Repair
  • High Voltage System
  • Electrician (General)
  • Railway Line Maintenance Repairer
  • Wiper (Ship)

Documents for Application:

  • Learning certificate
  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Military service certificate

  • Certificate of ex-convict

  • Disability report

  • Health report

  • CLICK HERE to announce the ex-convict purchase.

    CLICK HERE to declare a disabled reception.

    Application Process: TCDD recruitment announcement applications will be made through İşkur until the end of 23 February 2017 working hours.


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