Metro Passed Blood for Red Crescent di Break Between Goodness in Two Stations

Intense interest in the break between the two stops: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Turkish Red Crescent in order to increase blood donation organized in the Istanbul Metro "Two Stop Between the Good Favors" blood donation campaign attracted great attention

The Blood Donation Event, which was planned by the Turkish Red Crescent and IBB affiliates Metro İstanbul together, was held at the same time in the Pendik, Ünalan, Yenikapı, Hacıosman and Kirazlı metro stations on the 18-19 February. Citizens' interest in the campaign was intense.

Kasim Kutlu, General Manager of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and Kerem Kinik, President of the Turkish Red Crescent were also at Yenikapi Metro Station to support the campaign. Metro employees also gave blood to support the campaign.

In the activities aiming to support the blood donations of the metro passengers, the passengers gave blood at the stations they were in and listened to the concerts of the metro musicians. A variety of treats were also provided to the citizens who supported the campaign and used the subway. The campaign was supported by social media with the slogans i Our Blood Donation Flights have begun #.

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