People's Day at Yıldız Ski Center

People's Day was organized in Yıldız Ski Center: “People's Day Gün program was organized by Sivas Municipality in Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Center in memory of 15 July. Thousands of citizens were taken from the city center from the early hours of the morning to the mountain. Citizens experienced a different event on Sunday.

Mayor Sami Aydin first met with the citizens of the Municipality of Stars here Tokat Mayor Eyüp Eroğlu, Governor Ahmet Suheyl Turer Turhal Mayor and Mayor Yilmaz Bekler hosted.

Speaking at the program, Yıldız Mayor Mahmut Akkaş said, “I am very happy to host Sivas's Architect Sami Aydın, Tokat's Lawyer Eyüp Eroğlu and our other guests. I would like to thank them for their service, which is a very important factor in the development of their city's mayor provinces. ” said.

Mayor Yilmaz Bekler, who emphasized that they work with a lot of Sivaslı, said: önemli There is a significant connection between Sivas and Turhal. 22 neighborhood Turhal'da 4 we have Sivasuz muhtarımız Sivasli Police Chief Manager Sivaslı are very happy to work with them. '' He said.

The governor Ahmet Süheyl Üçer said: eyl I was very excited when I heard that we would be appointed to Turhal. Because I'm Sivasliyem and in the same geography, both Sivaslı and Tokatlı brothers would serve, this is a great happiness.

Emphasizing that Tokat and Sivas are very close to each other, Tokat Mayor Eroğlu said, “We have a trade relationship. We are now, we want to contribute to the development of Yıldız Mountain, which is very close to us and the shining star of Sivas. ” said.

Speaking at last, Mayor Aydın said, “We are happy to welcome our guests from Tokat here. When I first came to this area, there was no way, if we passed from one place, we were staying on the other side. Today, Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Center has been established here, and roads that improve this area will be made every day that will make a great contribution to the development of this region. New roads will be opened. When the connection with the Hot Çermik is established, it will be in a different structure, and the studies for the development of Yıldız Mountain will be carried out. These are very important works. We are getting a structure that develops and changes day by day. At this point, you should be able to trade this business. ” used the expression.

Then the delegation went to the center of the winter sports center of the Municipality of Sivas Municipality Public Prosecutor Murat Ircal, Provincial Special Administration Secretary General Mehmet Nebi Kaya and Deputy Governor Zihni Yildizhan attended the delegation. Sivas Municipality, 17 bus on Star Mountain was hosted by approximately 3000 people. The delegation came to the summit of Yildiz Mountain after the delegation served various meals.

On the occasion of the start of the ski races held on the occasion of the National Day, the delegation gave awards to the winners of the races. Also in the memory of the day was the snow wrestling.

Citizens of the Municipality of Sivas in the memory of 15 July, thanks to this event for the first time they came to the star mountain, and this event, especially the Mayor Sami Aydin, who thanked all those who contributed.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:58

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