Flood Brought Monorail To Mersin

Flood Brings Monorail to Mersin: After the flood in Mersin last month, the rail system to be built in the city is being changed. The risk of flooding led to the decision to build a havaray instead of a light subway. the project will be laid along the Mediterranean coast, Turkey's largest havaray line.

The flood that occurred about 1 month ago in Mersin caused a change in the rail systems to be built in the city. In the flood, which negatively affected the city life, 246 kilos of rain fell per square meter. Half of the amount of rain falling to Mersin in one year, 1,5 days, caused a revision in the rail system conditions to be put out to tender. It was decided to build havaray instead of light subway against floods. along the Mediterranean coast in case of realization of the project it will be laid, Turkey's largest havaray line.


in line about 17 kilometers long, the line will then be Turkey's second havaray Istanbul. The project, the first city hospital was transferred to Mersin, Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to the city to inaugurate. Erdogan asked the Ministry of Transport for the rapid evaluation of the project for Havaray. If approval is received for the project, it will proceed to the tender stage. The first pickaxe will be shot in 1 year.


Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Burhanettin Kocamaz, the flood of the light rail system, then the planned planned to turn to the air, he said. As soon as the task is to prepare a master plan in the city that plans to open the sides of the stream, especially indicating that these beds Kocamaz, said they have taken decisions to prevent the new construction. Kocamaz, indicating that the plan is currently in the approval phase of the ministry, said that urgent measures were taken to prevent floods once again for the city. Following the measures taken to address the problem of transportation Kocamaz, Mersin, said the rail system is necessary.


Kocamaz ortaya The transportation master plan revealed that the transportation problem can only be solved by the rail system. Two alternative systems were presented. The first is a light rail and the other is a monorail. Mersin at sea level. In such an environment, we found that deepness would create problems. For this reason, we wanted the rail system to go from top to top and without going through the traffic. Bundan

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