İZBAN vehicle underpass named Martyr Er Ali Çelik was opened

İZBAN vehicle underpass named after Şehit Er Ali Çelik was opened: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality brought Torbalı together with İZBAN to another service with fast, economical and comfortable transportation. The two streets separated by the İZBAN line in Tepeköy Mahallesi are connected by road and pedestrian underpass. At the opening of the underpass called Şehit Er Ali Çelik, President Aziz commemorated all the martyrs who gave their lives for the homeland and sent greetings to the soldiers fighting across the border; “I hope they come safe and sound; they reunited with their families, spouses, children, children, and loved ones. ”

The “pedestrian crossing with a highway underpass and a disabled elevator” connecting the 4543 streets and 3677 streets cut by the İZBAN line in the Torbalı Tepeköy neighborhood was put into service with a ceremony. Father Osman Çelik, who lived the pride of giving the name of his son who was martyred in 1997 as a citizen in Yüksekova, was among the participants of the ceremony.

Torbalı asked the people, made Metropolitan
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Martyr Er Ali Steel Infrastructure, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu stated that the project, which was planned as an overpass at the beginning, was re-evaluated on demand from the Torbalı people and that the overpass was converted to underpass at an additional cost of 3 million TL.

283 million TL investment in Torbalı
Stating that the cost of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's services to Torbalı has exceeded 2004 million TL since 283, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that they have recently signed an investment worthy of Torbalı with both the vehicle underpass and pedestrian underpass and disabled elevator. Underlining that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality spent 46 million TL for surface finishing investments and 35 million TL for hot asphalt in Torbalı, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “The 110 km İZBAN line connecting the Torbalı Industrial Zone and Aliağa Industrial Zone is near he. He turned Aliağa and Torbalı into metropolises. The Selçuk line, which we have completed manufacturing, will be opened soon. Then, we immediately start the Bergama line and want to connect the two world heritage cities. ”

Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that the Metropolitan Municipality invested 150 million TL for Torbalı and 133.8 million TL for the road, asphalt, surface and other investments, and continued as follows:
“Waste water treatment plants in Torbalı with an investment of 7.2 million lira and Ayrancılar-Yazibasi with an investment of 5,1 million lira were put into service. By opening 46 water wells, Torbalı's thirst problem was solved. A 368 km long drinking water network was installed. A 196.5 km canal network was installed. We invested 283 million TL in total. We are continuing our investments in order to have the same standard of living in our other districts as well, in our other districts. ”

“Our biggest dream”
Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu, first, healthy, clean water and clean environment, emphasizing that they continue to work with the goal, said:
“Our biggest dream in this region is to make the Küçük Menderes River sparkle 70 years ago. Torbalı, Beet, Ayrancılar, Bayındır and Hasköy treatments are finished. We renew the refinement in Selçuk. We continue our works for Kiraz and Beydağ purification. We delivered Tire's place delivery. When we do other treatments, I think Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will complete the shortcomings of Küçük Menderes in terms of environmental investments as İZSU in a very short time. With the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, it remains to discipline the industrialists and ensure that the treatments work. ”

Message to Mehmetçik
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that they remember Torbalılı Şehit Er Ali Çelik, who is named in the underpass, with respect and gratitude, “I wish God's mercy to all our martyrs who gave their lives to this nation. I wish health and well-being to Mehmetçik, who is fighting across the border today. Hopefully they will come alive; they will reunite with their families, spouses, children, children, and loved ones. ”

“İZBAN and Torbalı became Izmir”
Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez thanked Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who did not reject the demands of the underpass during the construction process, said, “We know very well the importance of our precious president in the construction of this underpass. We thank him very much. ” Stating that İZBAN is a project that turns Torbalı into a central district, Görmez said, “Torbalı became Izmir with İZBAN. We had a great blessing with İZBAN. Of course, this will be minor burdens. I believe that over time, all demands will be met and the burdens will decrease ”.

“We live two joys together”
Torbalı District Governor Kadir Sertel Otçu stated that they live two joys together and said, “We are delighted not only because of the underpass we believe will provide great convenience to the people of Torbalı, but also because of the magnificence that our Metropolitan Municipality has given this work its name. Our martyrs already live in our hearts, but we are happy to keep their names alive. ”

Ayşe Çekin, the elder sister of Şehit Er Ali Çelik, said in his speech at the ceremony, “I would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu for giving this joy to us on behalf of my brothers and father”.

Two collars merged
The vehicle underpass, where İzmir Metropolitan Municipality connects the two sides of the İZBAN line in Torbalı, and the pedestrian underpass with a disabled elevator cost about 7.5 million TL with its infrastructure investments. In Torbalı Tepeköy District, he gave the name of Şehit Er Ali Çelik to the “pedestrian crossing with a highway underpass and a disabled elevator” connecting 4543 streets and 3677 streets cut by the İZBAN line. Ali Çelik, who was born in Torbalı Sağlık village in 1976, was martyred during his military service in Yüksekova in 1997.

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