11 new tram car to be taken to Samsuna

11 new tram cars will be purchased for Samsuna: At the meeting of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the proposal for the purchase of 11 buses and 79 buses was approved, and transferred to the commission.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council February 1. The session was held at the Metropolitan Municipal Assembly Hall. During the meeting held under the chairmanship of Turan Çakır, Deputy Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, 38 agenda and 1 item were discussed. The interviewed 39 article was also referred to the commissions on the unanimity of the council members.

The proposals for the purchase of 11 light rail vehicles, which are the seventh and eighth items of the agenda, and the buses of various sizes, were accepted by the council members and transferred to the relevant commissions.

Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Turan Cakir, “The purchase of these vehicles will take place with the tender. We will take 70 buses to feed them, as the rail system route is extended, to create new ring lines. The new buses will be used as ring lines on the eastern side of the city. Trains will most likely be native. Both the President and the Prime Minister have suggestions on this issue. And we think that's true. It's not right to say anything clear already. I think that the new trains will arrive in the 1 year after the tender. 11 new train to be taken. Thus, we will be able to serve better together with the extended line Böylece.

26 train is currently on the Samsun Light Rail route. 18 2 will be added to these trains in February and 1 will be added in March. The 29 train will be available by 11 from March onwards. Light Rail System with the arrival of new trains 40 will serve by train.

Source : www.samsunhaber.tc



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