Samsun Logistics Center Step-by-Step

Samsun Logistics Center Step-by-Step Approximately: First of all, on the 5 March 2009, the Samsun Logistics Center, which is on the agenda of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, has started construction on February 2016. 46 2017 of the giant project 3 completed XNUMX percent. is expected to be completed in the quarter

The construction of the Samsun Logistics Center, which started on the agenda with the congress that was held at Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Social Facilities on the 5 March 2009, was started on February 2016. 46 2017 of the giant project 3 completed XNUMX percent. is expected to be completed in the quarter

In Samsun, 1926 was built for the first time in Samsun. In 1954, Samsun Port construction was started and Toros Port was activated in 2005. In 2008, Samsun Port was privatized and Yeşilyurt Port started to serve. As Samsun stands out as the gateway of Anatolia to the Black Sea, it has more logistic potential every day. In this sense, it is expected that the work that started as a result of the contacts of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, OKA, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry will end in 2017 and Logistics Village is expected to be put into service at the end of 2017.


  1. The word logistics, which we heard in the last quarter of the century, has also been used in the industry except for military areas. So what is the meaning of logistics literally? Akış Logistics, which is made by the et Council on Supply Chain Management Professionals, and updated in 2002, is the reference guide for everyone: üzere Logistics, within the supply chain, from the starting point of its raw material to the end point where the product is consumed, it is the service of planning, implementing, transporting, storing and controlling the movement in an effective and efficient way. hareket


Turkey will be transformed into an important trading base in this logistics centers; closed storage areas, administrative buildings and social facilities, customs directorate, container stock space, truck and truck parking area, railway facility, agency offices, service and maintenance stations, office areas for transport brokers, fuel oil and fire stations will be established. In addition to this, the bank will build social facilities such as bank branches, restaurant, cafe, market, telephone center, PTT, buffet, insurance office, barber, cargo office and stationery. With this structure, the center will be turned into a small settlement. Railroad connection will be provided to the Logistics Center. Ramp and maneuver areas will be designed to facilitate the loading of the warehouses.


Local companies serve only within the country, leading to a backward competition. However, when this project is completed, it will be necessary for Samsun to be a starting point in the transportation corridors and partnership and strategic cooperation with foreign companies. Samsun Logistics Center Project aims to open new employment doors for 1 million 270 thousand citizens living in metropolitan municipality borders. Accordingly, in the first place, 2 thousand people will be offered new jobs.


The project, supported by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Trade through the Competitive Sectors Program, is one of the biggest EU projects to date. The major project application form of the project was approved by the European Commission on 11 December 2014. The project for 672 acres of land was divided. This center in Tekkeköy will provide logistics warehousing opportunities for companies in the region and will undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of enterprises.

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