Rail connections are made in Akçaray tram project

Rail connections are made in the Akçaray tram project: The works of Akçaray tram project are still going on by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The train between the bus station and Sekapark, even the 18 meter-long rails are connected to each other by a feverish operation.


In the scope of the studies, two teams consisting of 5 people, the production of two rails per day at the 20 pieces of gasket welding. Until this time, the bus line, which is the beginning of the tram line from Elzem Street to the Martyr Rafet Karacan Boulevard 4 km area work was completed. The welding process is finished in the 994 of the total number of 894 seals in the entire line along with the storage area. Welding works continue under scaffold areas and bridged junction at Yahya Kaptan.


Alimunothermite is used as a source for welding. Before welding, the space between the two welds is first cleaned and the moisture is removed. Then there is a gap between the two rails in the 3 cm range and covered with special mold to form the corrugated rail. The material contained in the mold is subjected to heat treatment and melted. For the prepared rail, the source material starts to flow from the crucible placed on the mold and the gap is filled. When the space between the two rails is filled, the pot is removed and the rails are expected to complete the reactions. Then the process is completed by grinding application to the cooling zone. At the end of the 45 minute, the two rails are connected together.


After the welding works, the control engineers are checked by the ultrasonic test in the regions where the welds are applied and revised in the regions where the faults are seen. The control engineers who give each number to each welding operation are provided more easily.




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