No shortage of flights

No shortage of flights from Bursa: Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, farewell to Istanbul on the plane to Haliç passengers. President Altepe said, imiz This transportation network will be widespread in all our cities, especially the Aegean coasts. In addition, international flights will be available from here. We don't have any problems about flights, Se he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa to Istanbul through BURULAŞ passengers who want to fly off from Yunuseli Metropolitan Airport. Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar also participated in the speech of President Altepe, Yunuseli Metropolitan Airport is a great possibility of accessibility of Bursa, he said. Underlining the fact that the airport, which cannot be used for years, has now become operational with the investment made by the Metropolitan Municipality, President Altepe said, gel As it is seen now, our passengers make their flights between Bursa and Istanbul without any problems. They will take off from here and cross the Golden Horn via Gemlik. The airport, which has been idle for many years, started operating in this period. We're currently on board. We don't have any trouble Herhangi.

Altepe President, 'a more accessible Bursa' in line with the goal of intense efforts said. Today Yunuseli from the first time held in Istanbul ahead widespread Aegean coast of Turkey will spread to many regions including Altepe President noted, "We will serve our passengers who want to go abroad in addition. We will strengthen the connection between Bursa and the world by giving the connection flights that cannot be realized from Yenişehir to Yunuseli. Our work continues for this, Bun he said.



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