Kayseri New Tram Lines Coming

Kayseri New Tram Lines Coming: Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Kayseri projects will carry the future to the press and shared with the public.

Kayseri is much better than any other city like transportation; However, he said that they prepared a series of projects to be even better, President Steel, Mustafa Kemal Pasha Boulevard Melikgazi Municipality and the ongoing construction of the Gültepe Boulevard horses known as horseshoe he said they would do. Kocasinan Boulevard Fuzuli Street Junction and the Danube and the 30 August Junction to undertake two underpass will be the President of Steel, Kocasinan Bulvari said that the traffic will be uninterrupted. President Steel also stressed that two underpasses will be built at the Terminal Junction and Bekir Yildiz Boulevard Interchange located on the Nuh Naci Yazgan University Rail System Line route at Belsin-Yeni Şehir Hospital.

In addition to the new underpasses, President Mustafa Celik also stated that they will open alternative roads. Yol We will start the alternative road which will save from the underpass by spending 60-65 trillions in Kartal junction. This will connect Talas and Hisarcik to the OIZ without using the Kartal Junction and will be a complement to the South Ring Road. We will take this route from Organize to the Talas Boulevard through the Eskişehir vineyards. We will complete the planning and expropriation of the road by the end of the year. Yol Gültepe Boulevard and also on the continuation of President Steel, Gültepe Boulevard completed by completing this year, he said. Stating that they will make the Tavlusun Boulevard a way of 50 meters, Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that the cost of this road was only 2,5 million TL. President Steel, Anayurt said that the path of the rail system from the road will pass this way. also gave information. Stating that there is a need for a north-south line in the rail system, Mayor Çelik said, getiren We will bring the line coming from Talas Anayurt to Tavlusun and Gültepe Boulevard and we will take the underground here. Seyyid Burhaneddin-Hunat-Meydan and the new courthouse will cross the ground in front of the line will pass through the Police Department. In another line, starting from Belsin, Terminal-City Hospital-Nuh Naci Yazgan University and Furniture City will reach the New Train Station and will connect with the line coming from the other direction. From here we will give the airport an arm, Buradan he said.

President Mustafa Celik, the mini-mobile terminals for transportation and service operation project, the plan of the bus for a small number of passengers to enter into the planning and for this purpose, such as the purchase of tools for the bellows has announced his projects.



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