Nazilli Municipality has brought the land train to where it should be

Nazilli Municipality where it should be brought to the land train: Nazilli Municipality of the Republic of Turkey State Railways TCDD has once again protocol. Nazilli Municipality, which revived the historical hangar building, brought the historical land train to the historical hangar building with the protocol it signed this time.

Nazilli Municipality, who always owned Nazilli's history, carried many politicians, including Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in the Republican era, to the Hangar Café Restaurant, which had a writer, scientist, businessman and artist. Stating that the history, especially the city we live in, should be protected and protected by the Mayor of Nazilli, Haluk Alıcık said, cık We continue to protect the history of our city, protect and preserve the history of our city. We are bringing them together with our people without harming the historical tissues in our district. As it is known, we made the hangars, which had been idle for many years, without any damage to the historical texture, and carried out the renovation and restoresin the original. In this historical structure, we serve as Nazilli Municipality for our people. Now we've brought this historic building next to the historic Railway Train. Here is a complete nostalgia environment. Historic Black Train next to historic hangar building. With the protocol we signed with TCDD, we moved the Black Train to the Hangar Café Restaurant. The Black Train locomotive of the 110 tonne, which we can only see from the side in the train station, was brought to where it should be. Good luck to our Nazism. Naz



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