Millions of People Travel by High Speed ​​Train

Millions of People Travel With High Speed ​​Train: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Minister Ahmet Arslan said, “Our millions of people have now traveled by high speed train (YHT). We have connected Ankara, Eskişehir, Bilecik, Kocaeli, Istanbul, but we will not be satisfied with this. ” said.

Arslan, Eskisehir Governor Azmi speech during his visit to the steel, geographical location, stating that because of Turkey's intercontinental on a bridge, reported that the city is also one of Turkey's major cities.

The AK Party government in Turkey with the YHT train, they make the highway and connects with aviation stressed Arslan, stated the following:

“Eskişehir is an important junction point in this regard. The east is at an important junction on the west axis. But we are not satisfied with it anymore, we want it to become an important junction in the north and south axis. As governments and ministries, we try to give this right. We are pleased to see that Eskişehir is now the province where this right is granted in this sense. Now, up to millions of people have traveled with YHT. We have connected Ankara, Eskişehir, Bilecik, Kocaeli, Istanbul, but we will not be satisfied with this. Connecting Eskişehir to Antalya via Afyonkarahisar, that is, connecting to the Mediterranean, will be a corridor route that we care about in terms of YHT. Hopefully we will do what is necessary. Eskişehir is now connected to all the cities around it, by divided roads. However, he also has a few more requests, we know him. If you consider the traffic in the city again, there are no provinces that there are 18 intersections. Let there be 18 important junctions by the central government and the ministry. We have finished 14 of this. We finish one on April 1, the other on June 31, and the last two continue their work. I hope we will be finished in 2018 by making their auctions. ”

“Sarıcakaya road tender was held”

Minister Arslan also pointed out that Sarıcakaya road is one of the important routes, “As far as I know, there is thermal tourism in the district. We did the tender of the ratio, we started the business. Approximately 25 kilometers will be divided roads, all of them will be hot asphalt, and we have started its process. It was an average of 55 million jobs. It will also be connected to Bolu via Göynük. The fact that a tourism center such as Göynük could be connected to an important center such as Eskişehir and that it was connected to Bolu from there was a corridor that we attach great importance. We will take that corridor into our network, and we will do it. ” found the assessment.

“Let's add this gospel here today. Yet Turkey is an important ministry because we care about our Eskisehir Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation (TÜLOMSAŞ) does not stop our factory. " Arslan said, adding:

“In parallel with the country that is really developing and accelerating, TÜLOMSAŞ is developing itself very quickly. Today, we will also visit TÜLOMSAŞ. We are doing very important works there. Of course, our country is going through an important process, we are at a very important decision stage. And at this decision stage, we will meet with friends from the agency today, and we will have a war. We will consult with our friends what we are aiming for, how we will go about this. I would also like to express my pleasure in seeing it as accessible, accessible and accessible in every area of ​​our Eskişehir in terms of our country, which is truly reached and reached from being in Eskişehir. I would like to emphasize once again that we are grateful to our dear president, our prime minister for their support in this way, and that we are doing this work in order to follow this trail today. ”

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 16:00

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