Metrobüs collided with the service vehicle head-on

Metrobus, head-on collision with the service vehicle: E-5 A service vehicle in Küçükçekmece area got out of control and entered the metrobus road. Metrobus with passengers in the service vehicle head to head collided. According to the first determinations 7 people were injured.

Metrobus and service vehicle collided head to head in Istanbul. The accident occurred this morning, when the service vehicle moving in the Avcılar-Florya direction entered the metrobus road in Küçükçekmece. The driver of the service and the driver of the metrobus, which collided head-on with the metrobus, which came from the opposite direction and had passengers, was slightly injured.

Traffic stopped for a while on the E-5 due to the accident. After the intervention of the police teams, the service vehicle was removed from the metrobus road and reopened in a traffic-controlled manner.


In Küçükçekmece, 7 people were injured when a shuttle bus belonging to a private company hit the metrobus.

Omer A. 34 YK 1692 plate service vehicle under the administration, D-100 highway while watching the Topkapi direction, near the Küçükçekmece metrobus stop yet hit the metrobus coming out of control from the opposite direction.

In the accident, 4 of the passengers stuck in the metrobus and 3 people in the midibus were injured. The wounded were taken to the surrounding hospitals by ambulances.

Traffic in the region, the accident indirectly disrupted for a while.

Vehicles involved in the accident after the scene was removed from the scene.

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