TCDD project workers leaving the work in Mersin forced out of the construction site

Workers in the TCDD project, who left work in Mersin, were forcibly removed from the work site: TCDD project workers who left work in Mersin were forced out of the construction site by the decision of the prosecutor.

Tarsus district of Mersin, Yenice neighborhood TCDD'nın 4'den line high-speed train project working in the manufacturing of iron-outs 4 months for the work did not get paid. Workers, the chief prosecutor's office upon the complaint of the gendarmerie was taken out of the construction site.

130 lira workers who started to work with the daily wage said that the money will be given by hand except the minimum wage. Upon quitting their work, the minimum wages were signed and the workers were forced to sign the contract.


The workers, who met with the site manager and subcontractor the previous day, said that they could not be paid except the minimum wage, as the minimum wage was seen on paper. Workers from Ağrı, Adıyaman, Elazığ and Adana were dismissed after the last meeting held today.

The workers who were told that they had not been taken to the construction site today were taken to the gendarmerie in order to be taken one by one and that they would not take the minimum wage and that they had signed a paper.

9-10 per person per thousand people say that they will take the workers, said they would open a case for the money they can not receive.

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