Cable Car Wires Installed in Manisa

Cable Car Wires Installed in Manisa: Construction of health and sports hotels started in Spil, but the problems related to the ropeway that will add brand value to the project have tied our feet.

Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Nature Conservation and National Parks 4 Regional Manager Kerim Gençoğlu spoke about his goals in Manisa. As the regional directorate of young people who have a large area that expresses the Manisa, Spil Mountain national park is of great importance, he said. Gencoglu, Spil mountain, as well as health and sports hotels, as well as the city will add a big brand value of the cable car project, he added. Gençoglu said that the construction of hotel projects started, there were small problems caused by the ropeway related, but they followed the issue closely.

Kerim Gençoğlu, Regional Director of Nature Conservation and National Parks, said that the first and most important targets of the Directorate are the hotel project with cable car. Gençoğlu, who started his duty in Manisa recently, gave information about his responsibility areas in Manisa.

Gençoğlu, We have 1 national park in Manisa. Spil Mountain National Park. We have 2 nature park, these are Mesir and Süreyya nature parks. 1 nature reserve, this is the Kula fairy chimneys nature monument. We have a wetland in Gölmarmara. There are hunters in 30. X

Talking about the investments planned on Spil Mountain, Gençoğlu said that an investment of 100 million TL was planned for the park. Gençoğlu said: isa The total value of our investments in Spil Mountain National Park, which is within the scope of our national park directorate of Manisa province, is 100 million TL. This is 65 million TL cable car, 35 million TL health and sports hotels. The auctions of cable car and hotel projects were held in 2015. 5 will be launched in the year. Our work continues. So far, the Ministry of Spil mountain national park area was spent on an 25 million 600 thousand TL. We have 42 bungalows in Spil mountain and the total investment value of these houses is over 4 million TL. 2016 million 2 thousand TL has been spent as of 470 year. UM

Giving information about the ropeway and hotel project that Manisas had been waiting for, Gençoğlu said, l The most important one of our targets related to Manisa is to finish the cable car and hotel project, which we know is waiting for our people to end with a longing and longing. The Minister is closely following the project. We work with all our speed. We would like to bring these facilities to Manisa as soon as possible. This project is a vision project and will greatly increase the brand value of Manisa. The people of Manisa should be good..

The work of the hotel projects is continuing, but there is a zoning of the cable car in the voicing of the development of voicing young people, said: ele There are small problems related to the zoning plan. In this respect, we work in coordination with the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization. We follow the zoning plan process. God willing, without a setback, will be implemented as soon as possible. 7 880 thousand-meter line, and Turkey will be the longest cable car line. There is no problem with the studies. Weather conditions are not negative. We do not have any problems because of the excessive rainfall and lack of transportation. Aşırı

Giving information about the areas of responsibility in the region, Gençoğlu said: N We serve as the 4 Regional Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs in Manisa, İzmir, Muğla and Aydın.

Total area of ​​our regional directorate is 4 million 555 thousand 982 hectares. 496 bin 257 hectare of this area is our area of ​​responsibility and protection areas. This corresponds to a percentage of 11 when we hit the percentage. Manisa also has an area of ​​1 million 852 hectares of which 13 bin 578 hectares are protected area.

We have a total 4 national park in our area of ​​responsibility. One of them is Manisa Spil Mountain, the other one is Aydın Dilek Peninsula, we have Marmaris National Park and Saklıkent National Park in Muğla. We also have 23 nature park, 1 special bird paradise, 17 wetland, 16 nature reserve, 4 wildlife development site, 2 nature conservation area, 117 state hunting, 5 general hunt and 2 sample hunt. Bunlar

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