Logistics Center Workshop to be Held in Malatya

Logistics Center Workshop to be Held in Malatya: A workshop on the Logistics Center planned to be established in Malatya will be held.

4 by Fırat Development Agency February 2017 Saturday at 10: Governor Mustafa Toprak was informed that the logistics center which will be established in Malatya Ramada Altın Kayısı Hotel will be held in the scope of feasibility preparation process.

Governor Toprak said, il Our city, which is located on the transition route on the East-West, North-South axis with its geographical location, is located in an important logistic location.

Logistic centers to be established in our province which is located in an important location in terms of logistics; It will play an important role in delivering the products of the companies to the market quickly and at relatively affordable costs.

This workshop will be carried out in order to ensure the rapid access of the products offered to the market to the target markets, to provide a serious competitive advantage to the enterprises, to increase the production and export potential of our province, to make the best use and evaluation of the logistically important location of our province.

Fırat Development Agency is preparing the feasibility of a logistics center that can be established to evaluate the potential and opportunities of our province at this point. A workshop will be held in which the views of all relevant stakeholders will be taken at the Common Mind Conference to be held within the scope of this study. ”

In the workshop where Governor Toprak was invited and expected to participate, Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş "The Concept of Logistics, Logistics Centers in the world and Turkey" Prof. Dr. Umut Tuzkaya also gave information about the Ama Aim and Methodology of the Logistic Center Joint Reasoning Conference,. It was learned that the Problem and SWOT Analysis will be handled and the participants' opinions and suggestions will be consulted.

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