If the entrance of Leyla Atakan Street closes, what will the traffic of Izmit be?

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Izmit Tramway (Akçaray) for the construction of the construction, "550 tram tracks will pass over the day after."

This could not be said. As of tomorrow, 570 days will be out of date. Obviously, the 600 will not be able to walk the tram by day. We have discussed the reasons for delay. There's no point in re-entering this.
But the job goes in front of us. There are more jobs and the new city is entering into the new.

The tramway road leads down to the D-100 side of the courthouse. From here, it goes parallel to D-100 up to the community center. There's a place that hasn't been done yet. The tramway will pass through the intersection of Leyla Atakan Street with the D-100. The raw road opened. Rails will be laid soon in this section.

Consider the traffic of Izmit. The only entry point between the D-100 and the city center is Leyla Atakan Avenue. Now what happens when the rails are laid and this place is closed? The vehicle from D-100 will not enter the city. D-100'e who want to go out of the city can not exit the vehicle.

I think the most critical phase of the construction of the tramway will be in this region. When the rails are laid, the entrance between D-100 and Leyla Atakan Street will be shattered.

There is no exit from the community center. Soon it will be started from the broken buildings section of the Bars Street to be installed towards the rails Gar. The entrance to the city center from the Old Garages Junction will be closed. Also, when the entrance of Leyla Atakan closes, the city car will not be able to enter the D-100 and the car in D-100 will not be able to enter the city.

I wrote a lot during the Sinan Yaya Bridge. “You're doing wrong. Don't close the protection junction Koruma. For the exit between the D-100 and the city center, the Protection junction (the old Kuryapı junction) should have remained. They shut.
D-100 and İnönü Caddesi were to be merged via Alemdar Street. They didn't do that. Now, Sahabettin Bilgisu Street is closed. People's junction, Old Garages Interchange, and the top of Leyla Atakan Junction will be closed. You need to consider alternative input outputs. Otherwise we'll stay in this city.

The other day, during a conversation, I asked Metropolitan Secretary General Tahir Buyukakin "What will happen when the rails are laid on Leyla Atakan Avenue?" Büyükakın said, Büyük We will work in that area only at night. We will keep the entrance of the street open while the rails are being laid. Ray But we have seen how hard and long-term work of rail laying is. To minimize the difficulty in this issue, it is necessary to find new formulas. Otherwise, employees cannot go to school, in this city.

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