Last Stop at Konak Tram

Last Stop in Konak Tramway: 4 did not consider the route of Konak Tramway in the Metropolitan project which made coastal arrangement between Karataş and Göztepe berth months ago. In this case, the tram rails are left in half.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality signed a scandal during the coastal arrangement between Karataş and Göztepe İskele, when Konak Tram overlooked the route to be passed by the sea. Rail laying works going from Üçkuyular to Konak coincided with the coastal arrangement project in the region where the Mithatpaşa bridge stop is located. Removal of sidewalks and green areas, which have not yet been built for 4 months, was brought to the agenda in order to continue the rail laying process. The most obvious example of the disconnection between the units under the roof of Izmir Metropolitan has been experienced in Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, in the area where there is a bridge stop.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality went on to tender in October 2015 to organize a 3.4 km long coastline between Karataş and Göztepe Ferry port within the scope of the 'İzmir coastal sea project'. A construction company received the tender with 7 million 140 thousand liras. Within the scope of the arrangement, the walking paths in the section on the side of Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard on the sea side were renewed and bicycle paths were created. Seating groups, lighting elements and irrigation system in green areas have changed completely. Under the same arrangement, the green texture on the sea side was enriched and the pavements were renewed.

During the works, the iron curtains drawn between Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard and the sea became the subject of criticism in that process because the citizen cut off the relationship with the sea and created a bad image. The studies were completed in November of 2016. On the one hand, while the coastal arrangement project is under way, Büyükşehir started to lay the rail and sea side rail laying works in front of Üçkuyular Air Training Command within the scope of the tram project. All of this happened right after it is happened. The coastal laying works which were completed between Göztepe and Üçkuyular ferry port and costing 3 million 7 thousand pounds took their share. The pavements made of new and granite stone pavements were broken one by one.

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