Konyaya tram project presented 98 years ago

The tram project 98 was presented to Kony year ago: 98 was presented yearly in 1919 to build a tram for public transportation from Konya to Sille and Meram.

According to the works of the historian and writer Hasan Basri Sayı, public transportation activities in Konya begin in 1906. In 1909, the tramway service comes into play, but as a result of not being able to produce the expected service, in 1924, the mayor of Konya, Kazım Gürel, was decommissioned.

Historian Author Hasan Basri Sayı said that in 1919 the railway started to operate in the early 19th century, a wave of immigration from Sille to Konya began to emerge and this was the commercial potential of Sille. and the addition of the horse-drawn tram in Konya, which led to operational problems, began to seek solutions for the transportation between Konya and Sille. Afterwards, citizens attempted to build a tram line from Konya to Meram and Sille in April 20 by making a petition to the General Directorate of Railways and Ports. Hasan Basri Issue, on the date of the construction of tram to Sille in Konya, the purpose of the establishment of a company that aims to establish an electrically operated tram plant, Sille and Meram'a strengthens the possibility that the tram is expected to work with electrical energy, ”he said.

According to the works of the historian and writer Hasan Basri Sayı, the Directorate General of Railway and Ports has prepared a report on the tram project, and as a result of the evaluations made, it was said that the requested tram line should be laid separately for Sille and Meram. Saying that the project is a masterful job according to the conditions of the period, Hasan Basri Issue said, “The report states that the tram project locations and roads that are planned to be built in both centers are insufficient and the technical committee said that the roads cannot pull the rails of the tram cars. In Sille and Meram, there are warnings about the construction of canals and ditches of the waterways on the routes that the tram line is thought to pass. In addition, attention is drawn to the green space texture of Meram and Sille and the existing waterways along the tram route planned to be built should not be affected by this initiative. ”

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