Education of the first homeland

The education of the first citizens of the city of Kocaeli has started: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. to be operational by the Akçaray rail transport company will work in the tram (tram driver) trainings Leyla Atakan Cultural Center began with the participation of the 48 candidate. On the first day of the trainings, '' General Manager Mehmet Yasin Özlü visited the candidates.


Attending the first course of the trainings, Ozlu noted that they will start working as the first citizens of Kocaeli. Özlu, '' Kocaeli, which will be active in the tram line in the near future will serve as the first country of the city. You have a great responsibility and you receive full training. At first, you will see the theoretical training and then the practical course. I congratulate all of you already for your efforts, wish to be auspicious good luck education, '' he said.


In the training given by KO-MEK, first of all, general information is given about the Akçaray vehicle. Then, power information, line information, vehicle features, electrical systems, engine system, brake system door system, equipment, fault display, announcement system, communication system is given about training. After the theoretical training is done about the ways of intervention


As a result of the theoretical and practical exams to be carried out as a result of the training process, trainees who are successful at least% 70 and above will be entitled to work as a citizen in TransportationPark A.Ş. The trainings will end as of 28 March and the candidates with enough points will have 3 week vehicle driving trainings.


Trainings are not limited to vehicles. The dialogue with the passengers about the trainings is the most important part of these trainings. Human relations lessons are given about the dialogue of the trainees with the citizens.

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