Instead of cutting down the century-old tree in Japan, they changed the station's plan

Instead of cutting the centuries-old tree in Japan, they changed the plan of the station: The construction plan of the train station in Osaka, Japan was changed so that a seven-hundred-year-old tree was not cut. Although fifty years have passed since the construction, the tree is still alive and standing.

Japan's respect for nature, especially in design, is appreciated by the whole world. For those who do not know Japan, it is enough to have a look at a train station in the northeast suburb of Osaka, the third largest city in the country, to see the value given to nature. The Kayashima station, which was opened to use in 1910, is located near the 700 annual camphor tree of the laurel family according to local records. When the station is opened, it is planned to cut the age-old tree, which serves as a shelter for the passengers in sunny and rainy weather, in parallel with the population growth, at the expansion of the station in 1972.


Although there are many stories about the fate of the tree in Kayasima, they are all based on supernatural narratives. It seems that the camphor tree was regarded as a temple dedicated to the region, and the plan of incarceration caused an infestation in the local population. In the event that the tree is cut, there are stories spreading that those who touched the tree will be cursed, as well as a series of supernatural narrations. During the interrupt controversies, some claimed that he saw a white snake crawling between the branches of the tree, while others claimed that fumes arose from the tree, and even a worker had a seizure the next day as he cut a branch of the tree.

Although such stories have spread, the authorities have decided to change the plan by stating that they want a natural monument that has so much history behind it not to disappear. At the 1973, the train station was expanded to surround the tree, and its branches were not allowed to grow from the roof. In addition, the local people, to avoid the anger of the tree built a temple right next to him. The tree continues to survive thanks to the strong resistance of the local people and some superstition.

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