Izmir's Metro fleet is growing

Izmir Metro fleet is growing: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has started to attack on the rail system with its investments in tram, suburban and metro, strengthens its fleet with 3 new metro wagons. 95 of the modern metro vehicles, costing approximately 320 million lira, will be delivered tomorrow (Saturday) with a ceremony attended by Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started the biggest investment attack in the history of the city in the field of rail systems, strengthens the existing systems with new vehicles. The Metropolitan Municipality, which put out a tender for 95 new metro vehicles in order to improve the vehicle fleet of Izmir Metro; It made a purchase costing approximately 320 million TL (79 million 800 thousand Euros). 15 train sets with 3 wagons, produced in China's CRRC Tanghsan company, were brought to Izmir in 2016 and put on the voyage. With its new trains, stylish design and comfortable interior structure, it gained the admiration of Izmir residents in a short time. The last 40 of the wagons under construction reached Izmir and started to land on the train lines in Halkapınar. Due to the delivery of new metro vehicles, the number of which reaches 55, a ceremony will be held tomorrow (Saturday) at the center of İzmir Metro in Halkapınar, in which Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu will also attend.

Metro fleet 4 floor is growing
With the new vehicles to be delivered, the number of wagons in Izmir Metro will reach 142. With the arrival of 40 more vehicles to be completed in the coming months, the total number of wagons will reach 182 and the number of train sets consisting of 5 wagons each will reach 36. The fleet of İzmir Metro A.Ş, which started service in 2000 with 45 vehicles, will thus have grown 17 times in 4 years.

Modern technology, high comfort
The new metro trains are also remarkable for the first time in our country. Thanks to special systems that calculate the number of passengers, the Traffic Control Center can see the occupancy rates of the wagons and provides the necessary guidance to the passengers. The light curtains on the doors immediately activate the door before closing and see if there is an object remaining and command the door according to the incoming data. The strips of light inside the door and window glass are easily visible from the inside or outside by the passengers and warns the passenger whether the door is out of use. This prevents time losses in the doors.

11 will undergo separate testing
The new train sets will go through detailed tests, such as previous arrivals, before the journey begins. The trains will be subjected to 11 separate test after static and dynamic controls and will be taken to 1000 mileage test drive. After all this process will be offered to the service of the people of İzmir.

Arrival will be frequent with signaling investment
On the one hand, İzmir Metro is investing in a new signaling system to reduce the current operating frequency in order to respond to the rapidly increasing demand for travel. The investment of 7 million euros will be completed this year. The project will enable the train operation to be carried out in the current system and in the new lines to be added to the system at intervals up to 90 seconds.

12 floor-growing rail system network
2000 11 km-long Izmir Metro with railways entering the city life in 2010 IZBAN also participated in the year. Both systems have reached the length of 130 km today. With Izmir Metro and İZBAN's new extension projects and tram investments, the railway network in Izmir will find 2020 km by 250; 12 will be grown over the years 22 floor so that the rail systems.

115 undercarriage underground parking space
The new facility will be built in the area extending to Halkapınar metro warehouse for the maintenance and storage of the İzmir Metro fleet, which is expanding day by day. A total of 115 thousand square meters of space will be built as two-storey maintenance and storage facilities, automatic train washing system will be established. The underground car park will cost 15 million TL. The park capacity, which is currently the 92.7 vehicle including the maintenance workshop area, will double the project and reach the 114 vehicle.

The capacity of the İzmir Underground closed workshop workshop area will be extended to the 24 vehicle from the 37 vehicle after expansion. 10 thousand 12 square meters of workshop maintenance facilities 900 thousand square meters of indoor space, expansion work goes up to square meters. In addition, 1200 is creating square meters of work and office space.

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