Izmir Metro gets new wagons

Izmir Metro has gained new wagons: 320 million pounds investment and 95 new metro wagon with the strengthening of the fleet of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the new vehicles received a ceremony with the number of 55. Izmir 2000 11 10 2020 250 120 23 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

In order to strengthen the railway systems infrastructure, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been working on the subway, tram and İZBAN lines, received the 95 of the new metro car, which it went to the tender, with a ceremony. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor in the center of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun, as well as the People's Republic of China, Izmir Consul General Zengxian Liu, Izmir deputies Mustafa Balbay, Murat Minister and Ali Yigit, Republican People's Party (CHP) Izmir Provincial Chairman Asuman Ali Guven, Bornova Mayor Olgun Atila, Mayor of Buca Levent Piriştina, Mayor of Çiğli Hasan Arslan, Mayor of Gaziemir Halil Ibrahim Senol and Guzelbahce Mayor Mustafa Ince, councilors, municipal bureaucrats, muhtars and citizens attended.

All with our own resources ..
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 2000 wagon 45 was taken in the year of the Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu reminding that the 2017 95 will be in service with the new wagon 4 182 XNUMX increased the total number of vehicles in the fleet announced by XNUMX.

Mayor Kocaoglu reminded that the Metropolitan Municipality realized the investment of 95 million pounds for the 390 wagon with only its own resources, X The rail system is a very expensive investment. But we have put the subway manufacturers in competition, we did not make the delivery to the address, we pulled the prices down, Ama he said.

Noting that they have renewed the bus and ship fleet serving in public transportation, Aziz Kocaoglu stated that 15 came from the 13 cruise ship and that the 3 new ferry boat was put into service and that they invested only 550 million pounds for the modernization of the gulf transportation.

Aziz Now we are building a large underground car park for metro cars, a storage area, Koca added Aziz Kocaoglu, adding that the network of rail systems in Izmir is growing rapidly. 93 million pounds in this area cost .. New wagons to increase the frequency of voyage to signalization work is in progress. This is the 23 million pounds. All of this, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, only with their own opportunities, because of the savings and the credibility of the loans are made with the high credit, "he said.

We will do the Narlıdere metro, we expect only the signature
Expressing that they are ready to go on the tender for the construction of the Narlidere subway, Governor Kocaoglu said: için We will do it with our own means. With international credit. But we need Ministry approvals. We applied to the Ministry of Development. From there he went to High Planning. They signed. Now our file is in the Treasury .. Treasury will only allow; no guarantor. Because Izmir Metropolitan Municipality does not need Treasury bail to use foreign loans. His performance and credibility were enough .. Now he expect approval. As soon as it is signed, we will make a tender for the construction of the Narlıdere subway. We are working on Buca metro. Bu

Everyone knows about it, but ...
Reminiscent of the shelter near the Bostanlı Ferry Port for a long time to connect the ships, Kocaoglu reminded that ca This is the most convenient place. Moreover, it is currently idle. Mr. Prime Minister, the Minister of Transport, the Minister of Agriculture, everyone knows about the subject. I hope that this allocation will be provided in the coming days and the ships are kept in a sheltered manner in stormy weather. I hope this and wait for the authorities, "he said.
In order to relieve the urban traffic, the Mayor also said that they continue to open new roads and passages, and he gave information about the important transportation investment that will connect Buca to Altındağ and Bornova with two tunnels of 2,5 and then the viaduct of 2.2 to the Bus Station and the ring road.

“This is not the layout, layout“
Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu, in his speech and the recent events in the country's agenda was also referred to events. The previous day the Law Mayor Kocaoglu Reacting to the decision, but to dismiss, "This is Turkey, it does not suit our country. You won't talk, you'il be silent. I know everything, I will do everything, I will decide everything; This is not democracy! This is not the Ataturk Republic! Bu

Aziz Kocaoglu, who also touched upon the dismissal of Orchestra Conductor Ibrahim Yazici, who is also the art consultant of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said: Yazıcı He has no crime and sin except for conducting orchestra with the orchestra stick in his hand. This guy's an artist. An artist is losing all personal rights with a decree. This is not the way! This order is not the order. There is something else here. Burada

Izmir gives a lot, earns less
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Nazif Zorlu expressed his conviction that the criticism of Izmir and Izmir industry was due to inin incomplete information'n and that this was not done for negative propaganda.
In The figures published recently in a newspaper clearly reveal what Izmir is and where it comes from. These figures are the best answer to all, but especially to the negative speakers for Izmir: In 2016, all the provinces in the Aegean except İzmir have received much more than the central government's tax. For example, Denizli, which is said to have grown faster than İzmir in recent years, has given 1.6 billion liras to the central government and in return 2.6 has received a billion liras. Manisa has given 2.2 billion, 3.2 has received a billion pounds source. Izmir, 52 billion tax in exchange for only 13 billion pounds have received resources. The salaries of all civil servants in the province is also included in this money. Is it true to criticize such a city and these people? You will declare the tax; tax, state and nation will be conscious; you will get both resources very limited. hem

We are not against the Gulf passage, but we have reservations

Speaking about the definition of a deputy of the Justice and Development Party as konuşan loyalists ç of CHP municipalities on the Gulf passage, Mayor Kocaoğlu said inin We have not opposed this project. However, we did not prevent the gulf circulation. Also 1 on both sides. There are highly natural sites. We've made a suggestion to put them underground. We have the right to make suggestions on such an important matter and will always be. I hope this project takes place and Izmir wins a work. Um

Izmir's 2020 target is large
In order to develop the vehicle fleet of the Izmir Metro, the Metropolitan Municipality purchased a total of 95 million TL (320 million 79 thousand Euros) for the 800 new metro vehicle. The number of new metro vehicles delivered from the train sets produced at CRRC Tanghsan in China has reached the number of 55.
In the 2000 11 10 kilometer line with the rail station serving system in Izmir, today 12 130 kilometers grew floor working with 55 station. In 2017, Izmir Metro and İZBAN's new extension projects, monorail and tramway investments will reach 180 kilometers in Izmir and 90 will serve in this year. Until 2020 120 station will be on the 250 km. Thus the rail systems 23 floor will be grown. Narlıdere, Buca, Selçuk and Bergama lines are being implemented for the realization of works.

First test
The new train sets will go through detailed tests before starting the journeys, such as trains. The trains will be subjected to 11 separate test after static and dynamic controls and will be taken to 1000 mileage test drive. After all this process will be offered to the service of the people of İzmir.

17 has grown 4 times over the years
2000 wagons were used in the 45 which was expanding day by day, while 2011 wagons took 2014 to 42. With the new vehicles delivered, the number of wagons in İzmir Metro reached 87. With the 142 vehicle to be completed in the coming months, the total number of wagons will reach 40, while the number of train sets, each consisting of 182 wagons, will reach 5. 36 is the fleet of Izmir Metro Inc., which started service with 2000 vehicle, so 45 will be grown over the years 17 floor.


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