İzmir Port Transferred to the Wealth Fund

İzmir Port Transferred to the Wealth Fund: İzmir Port was transferred along with the rights to sell, lease and transfer.

Privatization Administration handed over the Izmir Port to the Asset Fund with all its rights. These rights include selling, renting and transferring. The construction of İzmir Port has been continuing since 2007. In the statement made, it was reported that the necessary procedures for the transfer were sent to the institutions and organizations that should be communicated in writing by sending an official letter and that the Asset Fund has the right to sell, transfer and lease the Izmir Port.

Short name of the TCDD, which is linked to the Republic of Turkey State Railways company İzmir Port, 49 provided that the customizable year 3 opened a tender in May 2007 and EIM Limas, global and Hutchison company had won the tender. The price of the tender won was 1 million 275 million dollars. However, the trial phase 29 continued for months, the Council of State decided to stop the execution.

The second tender for the operation of İzmir Port 21 was held on September 2012 and a shopping center was planned to be built under the tender conditions. This time, however, this condition was opposed by non-governmental organizations and local municipalities. Thereupon, a new zoning plan was created for the third time by the Privatization High Council for İzmir Port. When Izmir Konak Municipality opposed this zoning plan, it was put on hold. Konak Municipality's objection was not accepted by the Privatization Administration.

It was published in the Official Gazette that the official written decision regarding the transfer of Izmir Port to the Asset Fund will be sent to the necessary institutions and institutions and the Asset Fund will retain the rights of sale, lease and transfer of the port from now on.

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