Response to İZBAN stations

Reaction to İZBAN stations: While the number of wagons in İZBAN trains increased, citizens reacted to the open top of the stations. Citizens who stated that they had to wait in open-top areas due to the number of wagons extended, asked for necessary arrangements in the stations. Stating that the length of the stations is insufficient due to the increase in the number of wagons, the passengers said, “In İZBAN trains became 9 wagons, but all the above-ground stations were built according to the 6-car and their tops were covered.

We have to go outdoors to get on the sets of 9 cars. and we are getting wet in the rain, and because of those open areas, the rain waters are covering everywhere, and even the lower floors are flooded, I hope a study is done on this subject. ”

On the other hand, due to the fact that the cables at Egekent İZBAN station are open, the passengers were worried.

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