Istanbul Sofia Express Expedition Fees

istanbul sofia train
istanbul sofia train

After the completion of the road renewal works on the Istanbul Kapıkule railway line, direct train services between our country and Europe started.

Next time put the agreement signed between the Bulgarian Railways TCDD Transportation Istanbul-Sofia Express, it made its first flight.

Istanbul/ Halkalı Ekspres began to operate mutually every day; Halkalı22.40'den, Sofia, moving from 21.00, Istanbul-Sofia between the 9 hour 50 minutes to complete the journey.

Also to be connected wagons to ensure that Belgrade and Istanbul-Bucharest-Istanbul Express links in the summer.

Istanbul Sofia Express consists of a total of four high-quality wagons, a two-bed wagon belonging to TCDD Transportation Company, a couchette wagon and a bunkered wagon belonging to Bulgarian Railways.

As known; With our country's passenger transport between European countries in Bucharest Istanbul- offering special day run it was provided with mutually Express. Express, a transfer bus was operated in Istanbul because of the road renovations in Thrace Kapıkule-.


Halkalı On the Sofia track, in a couchette car;

  • 6 people kuşetl in passenger cars and bunks per night Suppl fee: EUR 9,40
  • 4 people kuşetl in passenger cars and bunks per night Suppl fee: EUR 14,00
  • Double (2 / 2): 2 One person in a sleeping car, (II. Class ticket valid)
  • Single (1 / 1): 1 One person in a sleeping car, (First class ticket available)

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