Iron Wheel Luxury Hotel Ready To Go

Iron Wheel Luxury Hotel Ready to Go: Designed for Japanese travelers who prefer luxury cruises, the highest level of comfort train Twilight Express is on the tracks in June.

The 10 wagon of the 6 wagon train with bed, the 2 wagon is for those who want to see the landscape, and a wagon has a restaurant and lounge. The train will consist of 17 compartments and will serve a maximum 34 person. On the train where the chefs' menus will be served, the whole menu will consist of dishes made of fresh ingredients. It's very costly to travel on this train. The price of a room with two beds on the train is 2 thousand 400, the price of the suite apartment is 10 thousand dollars. On the JR East line to the east of Japan, the Shiki-Shima Train Suite will travel. The train to depart from Tokyo's Uneno station will pass through Tohoku and reach Hokkaido. Passengers will have the chance to experience local cuisine, handcrafts and arts as well as nature views. All tickets were sold for the first three months of the train, which will start in June.

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