High Speed ​​Train Expeditions in March

High Speed ​​Train Expeditions in March: Chairman of the Parliament, Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission and AK Party Konya Deputy Ziya Altunyaldız said that high speed train services will be increased by increasing the number of high-speed trains within TCDD from 13 to 19. he said. Altunyaldız, e 7 currently going 7 arrival, 14 on the day of a total of 10 voyage on the Konya-Ankara High Speed ​​2017 10 10 XNUMX XNUMX departure, XNUMX is being developed, ih he said.

Ziya Altunyaldiz as of today 2 going 2 4 3 3 arrival and 6 arrival in the month of May 87 XNUMX arrival, the number of expeditions will reach the total XNUMX Altunyıldız said, high-speed trains reached the occupancy rate of XNUMX, Z We are working with our strength by knowing the value of our citizens' time for our citizens to travel more comfortably and safely, to reach their loved ones and not to disrupt their jobs şekil.

Increasing High Speed ​​Train routes will contribute to the tourism and economy of Konya, indicating that Altunyaldız, the heart of business and production in Istanbul and its headquarters in Ankara and Konya will increase business connections in the business world pointed out. Turkey's Konya said the railways in the near future will become a crossroads Altunyaldiz, Transportation Minister Ahmet Arslan, for his contributions in this regard and thanked the State Railways Administration.


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  1. When the Karaman road is opened, increase the Adana - Mersin connections.


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