The excitement of dolphin in aviation

Yunuseli excitement in aviation: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, 16 Yunuseli Airport, which started its activities again after the year, excited the companies serving the aviation industry. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, as in all areas of Bursa to be a pioneer in aviation, said the work will continue.

After the opening of Yenişehir Airport, Metropolitan Municipality reopened Yunuseli Airport, which was closed in 2001, after a year's break. Yunuseli Airport's resumption of its activities caused excitement among the leading companies of the sector.

Mayor Recep Altepe, Atlas Global General Manager Orhan Coşkun who visited him due to his projects related to Yunuseli Airport and Atlantic Flight Academy AFA General Manager Sermet Temizkan met with the Metropolitan Municipality Service Building.

Atlas Global General Manager Orhan Coşkun stated that there is a significant potential in aviation in Bursa, and that they can provide a wide range of services from education to health at Yunuseli Airport and they are excited to cooperate with the Metropolitan Municipality at this point.

Ta A new era in aviation started in Bursa “
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa, as in all areas, taking steps to be a pioneer in aviation, said they had taken important steps, ın A new era in aviation began in Bursa. Our biggest goal was the development of aviation in Bursa and we are now taking our steps to realize this. En

Yunuseli Airport is an important flight area for Bursa Altepe, already 60 close to the aircraft owner's application here to benefit from the Yunuseli Airport will contribute to the city's economy, he said. President Altepe, rapidly developing and changing Bursa, in a short time will be inadequate Yunuseli'nin and a new airport will be revealed more need to save, ve Yunuseli not enough. Turkey's economic heart, Bursa ... Power here. Those who can not be done in Istanbul are made in Bursa. We will also take steps to support Turkey's efforts to pave the way civil aviation. Infrastructure exist, we want to try to be multi-faceted, Alty he said.

He also stated that they aim to use at least 200 private aircraft in Bursa and added that the city has this potential. Altepe, at the end of the visit to his guests in a hand-made Green Tomb of Bursa was a gift.

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