Tell Eğirdir Historical Train Station

Eğirdir Historical Train Station Stop Concrete Projects: In the last days of the Egirdir Historical Train Station to be included in the project to discuss the inconvenience of the people of Egirdir.

The historic Egirdir Gar building, the valley of the Congress, the art center and, finally, the university campus to be used as the rumors that will move on the Egirdir Initiative to stay with the original form of the building of the train is organized over the internet.

Egirdirliler station building instead of the construction of all the projects on the agenda will cause the Garage to become concrete, the ecological balance will be broken, he says.

Egirdirliler the historical railway station, railway bridge and railroad route against the concrete and they are opposed to the restoration of this area to provide services to be restored and functional.

In a short time, the signature campaign launched on the site was made to be given to TCDD and Eğirdir District Governorship of Eğirdir Initiative.

Eğirdir Initiative's iyat Stop the Concrete Project for Eğirdir Historical Train Station ifi signature campaign HERE you can see it by clicking.

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