Referendum Proposal from Gökçek for Güvenpark Minibus Stops

Referendum Suggestion for Güvenpark Minibus Stations from Gökçek: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek said that the project of putting the minibus stations located in Güvenpark underground and turning it into a green area can be asked to Güvenpark and asked the public.

Mayor Gökçek said, ası Will this place be excavated when Keçiören Metro is at Kızılay? To be excavated. It is a bad thing to take the minibus stops below and make the upper side into a large green area and add it to the greenery of this place. If the work of the metron 3 lasts for months, then we will be engaged. I suppose we'il finish it in a month. We will end up shouting here, ”he said.

Mayor Gökçek was connected to the ve Güvenpark discussion in every aspect Trafik program, which was attended by Emre Sevim, Chairman of the Ankara Branch of the Ankara Chamber of City Planners, moderated by Elvan Palaşoğlu and Journalist Deniz Gürel.

In the program, Chamber President Emre Sevim opposed to the project of the second phase of Keçiören Metro, which is planned to be built under the minibus stops in Güvenpark by the Ministry of Transport, and that they will go to the judiciary to prevent this.

President Gökçek said, “Why do you oppose friends? I've been coming here since 40 years. Well, these cars are ugly. So where is the site to be excavated? Why are you against this? If you are against us, you suggest us how to solve the dolmuş traffic in Kızılay, first I will get the answer to this. Karş

On the question of President Gökçek, Sevim argued that the Güvenpark Minibus Stop did not need to be taken underground, that they would oppose this project, and that minibuses were not a means of public transportation and therefore should be completely removed from Ankara traffic.

President Gökçek said the following about Emre Sevim, the Head of the Ankara Branch of the City Planners Chamber of TMMOB, that the minibuses should be completely shifted:
Unuz If you don't want the subway now, you would. Is the subway coming or not? Keçiören Metro should come to Red Crescent, yes should come. When it comes here, this is going to be excavated. After this place is dug down here at the 30 meter elevation will be left at the top? Is it a bad thing to add a space to the existing place, to the space, to take the dolmus stop down there and to add a large green area to the park? No. Why are you against this? Could it be so unreasonable? Isn't it a shame to these people who serve here?

Sir, the best job was to lift the dolmus ... Let's go, let's discuss this in front of the dolmus. I don't know what they're doing there. Is this a reality? There are 2 thousand 700 minibuses in Ankara and will continue to serve. You don't have the chance to uninstall it right now. When will you remove it? We remove it from time to time. On some lines, when the metro starts working, the lines there automatically depart. This is an event that will happen 30-40 years later. You will say to the people of Dikmen without getting up and making the subway, ensuring the necessary transportation, "We lifted the minibuses, let's see, go for a walk, come ..."

Mayor Gökçek, insisting that they will realize the project, said:
"My suggestion; Let's put a ballot box there, let's make a referendum. Do the public want the minibus stop to come down here, or do they want it to stop above? Let's put 3 chests. You get a man. Let's see everyone's identity. Let's see him vote accordingly. Let's see what will come out of it? I will hold a stubborn referendum. This month we will take a decision from the assembly. ”

On the question of when the referendum will be held and how long the project will be completed, President Gökçek said:
“This existing construction work will go along with the subway station construction work. We will start our work after the subway starts. If the subway's work lasts 3 months, we will be in the aftermath. We want it to start this year. I hope we start and finish. I suppose we will finish in 6 months. At that moment, we will inevitably use Kumrular Street as the full stop.

We had a decision to make a referendum to teach in these chambers. As the last word; We'll end up shouting here. Bur



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