Gaziantep, Number One in Public Transportation

Number One in Public Transportation in Gaziantep: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues to offer comfortable and quality transportation solutions to citizens in urban transportation.

In order to minimize the problems in transportation, the Metropolitan Municipality works on road, bridge crossing, left turn bans as well as opening new lines to some areas and extending some of them.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which makes the most suitable transportation between the metropolitan cities and does not cut the fee within an hour, will increase the number of buses in this context and will receive new vehicles from 50.

Thousands of 897 stop 136 and 885 vehicle with the service of the Metropolitan Municipality, for the convenience of citizens from March on the bus station "where is my bus" had started the application.

Citizens need to download iOS and android app to their smart phones via internet. With this application you can easily find out which bus is coming to which stop.

Again, passengers are informed by the giren Smart Stop ak which is put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality. A bus waiting at the bus stop, electronic signage with which the bus will arrive to the station and then how many minutes are given. Hereby the passenger will learn the knowledge of the place to go according to him.

Citizens who expressed satisfaction with the fees and buses also expressed their gratitude to the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality who offered a comfortable journey.

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