Free ropeways flooded Antalya

Free ropeways Antalya has been flooded: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality opened yesterday, opened the service of the cable car, which reduced the distance between Sarıs-Tünektepe 9 minutes, hundreds of cities in the early hours of Antalya was flooded. Enjoying the free cable car, the people of Antalya, 30 experienced the happiness of bringing the annual dream to life.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 30 annual ropeway project was implemented. Mayor Menderes Türel opened the ropeway with journalists and was offered to the public yesterday. Early in the morning, arriving at the cable car plant in Sarısu was creating an 300 meter tail, and after about ten hours of waiting for the 4, the clock began to board the cable car free of charge at 12.30.

The cabinets of the cable cars with 1706 meters length and cable length of 3 thousand 604 meters can accommodate 8 people. 36 cabins can be transported by 1200 per hour. The official opening of the cable car, which can reach Tünektepe at an altitude of 9 meters, will be held next week by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım. Until the official opening, citizens can take advantage of the cable car for free. After the official opening of the ticket prices going-605 person 1 pounds, 15 people will be 2 lira.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:58

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