Eurasia Rail, The First and Only Railways Fair of the Eurasia Region

Eurasia Rail is the first and only fair in Eurasia: Eurasia Rail is the only fair in Eurasian geography. is a major railway fair.

2017 in 7. Once held Eurasia Rail industry giants with professional visitors need to gather under one roof Turkey, as well as determining the direction by keeping the pulse of the sector in the Eurasian region, it is an international platform to put its signature to the development of existing relations and new cooperation. At the same time, sectoral information and experience sharing are ensured at the highest level through conferences and seminar programs held simultaneously with the fair.


Eurasia Rail Fair, the first of which was held in Ankara; A total of 2011 domestic and foreign exhibitors were hosted by 117 in 2012, 188 in 2013, 287 in 2014, 277 in 2015 and 274 in 2016, and 300 in XNUMX.

Since the first day of its inception, the fair has received full support from the Turkish State Railways, as well as the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Maritime Affairs.

At the same time, in September 2012 date, the German Government for the first time in Turkey that a fair Eurasia Rail Fair, the granting of subsidies to the German participants of the exhibition has proven that it is in the international market.

Unlike previous years, EURASIA RAIL 2016 is Türkel Fuarcılık and ITE Group PLC, one of the world's top 10 exhibition organizers, in order to further develop the fair with its international dimension and to increase the service quality to higher levels. and its organization in Turkey was held at EUFOR Inc. co-organizer.

Eurasia Rail 2017 and next Eurasia Rail fairs ITE Group Plc. The organization will continue to be organized with the participation of the same team and additional international participation since 2010, which was organized by TF Fuarcılık ve Organizasyon A.Ş.

Iran was added to the national participation pavilions in the 2015 fair.

2016 professional visitors from 52 countries visited the fair in 11.539 and the purchasing committees from 15 country visited the fair.




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