Erzurum Metropolitan grows champion skiers of the future

Erzurum Metropolitan is raising the champion skiers of the future: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality grows the future champion skiers in Winter Sports Schools. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen'in 'No ski children will not stay' following the instruction about 3 year-long Winter Sports School children living in the city met with skiing. So far, we learned about the 10 thousand children's ski sport with the completely free training. Hundreds of children participating in skiing courses, which began this year with a break in the training season, are learning about skiing. The ski trainings started in Konaklı Ski Center.

Every week around 250 primary school students participated in ski courses, dozens of expert instructors and ski trainers were assigned. Accompanied by trainers, children arriving at the ski center with free transportation provided by the Metropolitan Municipality in the early morning take basic ski training for a week. Students are offered meals at the 09.00 in the morning. The new stars, whose talents have been identified among the skiers, are sent to the clubs after a special training. In the ski course opened for winter breaks under the Winter Sport Schools, 750 children have been given basic ski training. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, Winter Sports Schools 2016-2017 ski season 6 thousand children will introduce skiing.

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