Emergency Single Solution, 112 Emergency Service

📩 16/12/2018 15:52

Single Solution for Emergency Situation, 112 Emergency Service: In cases where people need urgent help, 112 number has been determined as "Single European Emergency Call Number" in order to increase the awareness of 112 Emergency Call number in order to reach all emergency units by calling only "112". It was started to be celebrated as the “11 Day of Europe”.

Do you know that only 2016 112 1 43 542 30 70 XNUMX call XNUMX in the year XNUMX call is the actual call, and the remaining% XNUMX consists of false calls?

The 58,23 of the actual calls is generated by the health, the 28,81 of the 6,71, the 4,83 of the gendarmerie, the 0,71 of the fire brigade and the XNUMX of the fire brigades are forest and AFAD.

Do not engage the 112 Emergency Line unnecessarily. Maybe an emergency patient is waiting for you to hang up.

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