EGO Buses Disinfected

EGO Buses are being disinfected: In Ankara, the average daily 750 thousand people benefit from EGO buses, as well as the daily routine cleaning, as well as easily infectious diseases such as colds and flu are being disinfected.

EGO buses are disinfected with special medicines in order to prevent the spread of viruses that cause epidemics such as influenza and flu.

EGO General Manager Balamir Gundogdu, every day, the average 750 thousand Capital cities to travel in a healthy and clean environment to ensure that EGO buses cleaned every night, the bottom corner said. General Manager Gündoğdu said, lar In order to prevent seasonal diseases, the buses are regularly disinfected with special cleaning materials used in hospitals. Thus, public transport vehicles are free of viruses that grow rapidly in indoor spaces. Böylece


Providing the public transport needs of the capital city safely and comfortably, they also attach great importance to the cleanliness and hygiene of the buses, General Manager Gündoğdu gave the following information.

X The 1250 of our EGO buses departs every day. After completing their daily flights, these buses are cleaned from head to toe the next day at Regional Offices in Dikmen, Macunköy, Mamak NATO Road, Akköprü and Sincan. After cleaning the coarse dirt by the vacuum cleaners by the cleaning teams, the passenger seats, the rear-lower parts of the seats, the buttons, the steering wheel, window edges and tires, the driver's screen, the passenger handles are cleaned for great care. In addition to these routine cleaning, our public transport vehicles are specially disinfected against pests in summer and epidemic diseases in winter. ”



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