Railway Connection to Dursunbey OIZ

Railway Connection to Dursunbey OS: Organized Industrial Zone in Dursunbey Gazellidere Railway station will be connected to the railway line. Thus, Dursunbey OSB will provide a great advantage to the investors in terms of logistics.

Dursunbey Mayor Ramazan BahçaBvan's employment projects and Organized Industrial Zone, which is of great importance for the fate of the District, is experiencing new developments every day. In the Dursunbey Organized Industrial Zone, which is included in the 2017 investment plan by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the development plan works are being carried out by environmental planners, while the Municipality of Dursunbey works for many projects closely related to the future of OIZ.

Dursunbey Mayor Dursunbey Mayor Ramazan Bahçavan spent a lot of work to make Dursunbey OSB a particularly logistically attractive center, and with the powers of State Railways, he made an investigation at Gazellidere train station which is located in the OIZ region and nearby. Afyon Railways Regional Directorate Civil Engineer Çağrı Göktuğ Şengül, Map engineer Yunus Emre Öncü, Balıkesir Railways Civil Engineer Uğur Karadeniz, Road Maintenance and Repair Manager Çoşkun Ceylan, 753. In the examination, which also includes section chief Hüseyin Gülmez, Mayor Bahçavan shared the projects in the region where he planned to pass the road and with the engineers. Engineers in the region have stated that they will form a project between Gazellidere and Dursunbey OSB. This side of the planned planned to be planned for the transportation of logistics freight trains, while the line is planned to enter into the OIZ said.

Ramazan Bahçavan, Mayor of Dursunbey, made a statement on the subject; Uz Our work on the Organized Industrial Zone, where we have focused on and dreamed for a long time, continues with our night and day work. We are making every effort to make the Dursunbey OSB attractive. Today, the teams of the Afyon State Railways Regional Directorate came to our district and made inspections for the logistics railway line. We told our friends about our own plans and projects. Our engineer friends will do the necessary inspections in the region and inform us of the result. With the most likely rail line will enter up into the Dursunbey OSB. This project will be a great advantage for Dursunbey OIZ. In addition, with the construction of the Duble highway and the completion of the Çanakkale Bridge, our district will become a logistics gateway. We are moving confidently towards a Dursunbey who migrated from an immigrant Dursunbey. Hopefully in a few years here, we will see a few chimneys smoked in the factory. İn

After the examinations in the region, the delegation went to Dursunbey Municipality and received information from the urban planner Demet Peker Öztürk about the ongoing OIZ development plans.

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