Teens in Denizli

Young People in Denizli are Learning to Ski: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council Youth Council members are learning skiing in the free course of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Metropolitan Municipality.

The ski course started by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which organizes free sports courses for everyone from 7 to 70 in Denizli to make the desired sports, continues for middle and high school students. In this context, members of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council Youth Council participated in the skiing course organized in Denizli Ski Center. This year, young people showed great interest in the application, which was first launched for students studying at secondary and high school levels. Within the scope of student exchange programs, the skiing course, which includes foreign students coming to Denizli from the Middle East and Balkan countries, causes colorful images to be experienced.

Young thanks to President Zolan

City Council Youth Assembly Chairman Şeniz Yilmaz, encouraging young people to do sports and for many years in many branches of the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan'a thanked, thank you for the skiing course is an invaluable opportunity for young people, he said. Courses, students from different cities and countries within the scope of the student exchange program in Denizli recorded that Yilmaz, said that this is a great importance in terms of city tourism.

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