Precise Solution for Level Crossing Accidents

Level Crossing Accidents Final Solution: Although Turkey to enter the High Speed ​​Train Age is losing the very least that level crossings life accidents per year 100 the people of our examples in Europe and are injured, but also financial losses occur.

New and larger risks have emerged as a result of the significant increase in the average speed in the railway sector and the traffic density in railway lines in recent years. In addition, due to the increase in traffic density, the time intervals which are useful in terms of security between train services have decreased significantly. There is a need for new safety strategies and methods in order to avoid the loss of the usual safe travel image of the railways and to keep the risks within certain limits.

In order to prevent accidents in the level crossings, it will be possible with Early Warning System.

If a train approaches 1.5 km (or any other desired distance) via the display screen placed on the locomotive, the real time display and alarm information of the relevant level crossing must be transmitted on the screen in the train. This allows the mechanic to be aware of a dangerous situation and adjust the speed of the train.

Intelligent camera with two video analysis capabilities for level crossings, full-level crossing, and projectors for illumination of level crossings when light is inadequate. In the event that the gate enters any object that will affect the course of the train, the intelligent cameras will automatically stop arriving at the train gateway where the alarm will enter the patrol.

The project must be dynamic and allow new data entries. Thus, the risk analyzes to be carried out in Level Crossings should be removed from personal forecasts and the Early Warning Model based on concrete calculations should be made systematically.

We say that this system will take place in the regulation about the precautions and application principles in railway level crossings and bring the accidents to the point of completion.

Abdullah PEKER

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